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It was the year 2003 when the company BScom s.r.o. started to operate on the market. Our specialization is  primarily a wholesale and retail selling and a service of information and communication technology, their accerssoires, digital electronics and software. Especially computers, laptops, printers, monitors, navigations, televisions etc. We also offer hire purchasing by ESSOX s.r.o. company.  Our clients are multinational and national companies, schools and nonprofit organisations as well as small tradesmen, households and students. We would like to give our customers the best. In our case that means an excellent quality for really acceptable prices. We want to keep our promise so we have to adapt our business plan to this idea. Between these adaptations belong an extension of product portfolio, an adaptation to current trends of market and a development of customer service. We can achieve these aims through great cooperation with particular distributors of a computer technology. In our product offer you can find large range of computer and comunnication technology which are particulary represented by the best producers from the field.


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